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When You Feel Alone or Discouraged & Don’t Have Answers

I remember the day I heard “Your son might die if he doesn’t have open heart surgery.” The doctor said much more, but those are the words that consumed my thoughts as we drove home that rainy November night.

When life brings disappointment, rejection and loss to us, where can we turn? Around every corner there seems to be another difficult challenge that makes us feel alone in the world. What should our response be? Our natural reaction is to self medicate and each of us has our signature way of escape. Some use drugs and alcohol, others use sex or shopping. Others choose busyness or they simply check out with technology—TV, Movies, Games, and Social Media, etc.

At the end of the day, or perhaps the next morning, all of these mind numbing diversions still leave us empty. So what’s the answer? Here’s my story:

I had just received the news that Blair needed to have open heart surgery. Arriving home after his appointment with the Doctor, my 14-year-old son silently went to his room and closed the door. I collapsed onto the sofa in despair and fear, with tears streaming down my face. I looked up and shouted, “And how do you want me to respond to this, Lord?” It wasn’t a question from a soft heart, but a challenge from a wounded one. Immediately, these words filled my mind, “Worship Me and give thanks in all circumstances” to which I replied, “Are you kidding me?!” But those words lingered in the silence until my fearful heart softened.

I forced myself to pray these words even though I only partially believed them: “Thank you Lord for allowing these circumstances in our lives. You are God, worthy of my praise and worship.” As I said those words, my fearful heart gained courage and a peace washed over me. I continued to worship and the more I did, the more contented I became.

When you’re alone or discouraged, try using those precious few  “Mom Moments” in your day, to worship God–even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. Worshiping Him, can truly rejuvenate your spirit, and I’ve found it gives us mom’s the perspective and energy we must have, to be the Mom’s we need to be!

Have you ever found yourself thanking God for something hard in your life?