Three Questions To Ask In The New Year?

I’m not a big New Years Resolution Girl, it only takes me a couple weeks to break them. But I am one to evaluate my past mistakes so I don’t repeat them in the future. After the lights are out, I mentally walk through my day; the interactions I’ve had with my family, friends and even complete strangers. Sometimes I cringe at the remembrance of the critical words that escaped my mouth or flippant actions communicating “my time is more important than their heart or concerns”. I pray and confess these to the Lord and at times also to the people I have hurt and ask for their forgiveness.


In my nightly walks through Memory Lane, I evaluate the good too. Remembering the spontaneous kind words spoken to a complete stranger and the moments I was able to encourage a family member. I reflect with pleasure on the feelings of helping someone in need. In the quietness, I evaluate how I can do more tomorrow.

These ending points beckon a new day coming and provide perfect opportunity for reflection and deliver fresh perspective for a new start tomorrow. This allows space to make positive changes in our lives and all we touch.

With the beginning of the New Year, I was asked, “Who are the three people who have impacted your life the most in 2014?” Other than my husband who faithfully walks with me through all the ups and downs of each day, I came up with three people, who each have these things in common. 1) They love and trust the Lord. 2) They care about people. 3) They unselfishly choose to do what is right even when it is difficult and uncomfortable.


The three people this year are:

My Dad, who at 82 gets up very early before the sun rises and starts taking care of others, starting with getting the cat his warm milk. Then he goes outside and prunes his Christmas trees for a few hours. About this time, miles away I am waking up, He continues his routine of taking care of my Mother, his bride of almost 60 years who has dementia and can’t even toast a piece of bread by herself or sweep the floor without help. He has to do it all. He unselfishly cares for her even when little is given in return. Dad, I love you and have deep respect for you and are learning a lot from you.

Then there is Rachelle, who made radical changes leaving a life of selfishness and addiction and becoming a woman completely surrendered to her Savior, Jesus and is being transformed by his Grace and Love. Here is her story.

The third is Dee Dee who chose to do one of the hardest things possible for a Mom–give up her son. The deepest desire of her heart was to have custody of her 4 year old son and it consumed her. I listened to her cry out in her deep grief. Then when she decided to surrender her son to the Lord so she could focus on her relationship with the Him, I watched her light up as she began to feel the deep love and approval of the Lord for her choice to obey him. Because of her faithfulness to Him, God recently gave her son back.

Who are the three relationships you want to develop in 2015 that will help you become a better person? and “What adjustments to your life are necessary to have time for them?”

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